A Summer to Remember


Madrid was the best! It was the biggest city we went to by far. To get anywhere we either had to catch a cab or take the metro. The school gave us tons of free time in Madrid which I spent exploring Puerta del Sol with different groups. It’s a huge shopping area where I got most of my gifts for people. On Thursday night Joel, Patrick, Kathryn and I took a taxi to The Hard Rock Cafe, but because of the giant protest and the slow traffic the ride ended up being pretty expensive. Madrid was much more city like and modern. Toledo and Segovia are very historic and cutesy looking, which I’m more fond of, but the trip was amazing and I loved getting to see more of Spain.  


Segovia was beautiful! We spent the day touring more castles and cathedrals, each once just as amazing as the last. Free time turned into shopping time, so many cool shops and great things. For dinner I ate my desert first at a very cute sweet shop. Then bought a veggie Kebab to fill me up. We only spent one day in Segovia, but oh man it was great! 

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